About Motivistr.com

What do we do?

Motivistr's App Store iconMotivistr.com harnesses the power of collaboration and accountability. It’s about achieving your goals using support. Whether you want to climb Mount Everest, sail around the world, start a choir, complete a marathon, stop smoking, lose weight, or raise money for a charity project, Motivistr will help you achieve your goals.

Motivation and goal setting

Motivistr.com will be constantly updated with loads of resources about goal setting and motivation, for example Motivistr’s free 10-step goal setting road map. Motivistr has also developed an iPhone app that takes goal setting to the next level. The Motivistr goal setting app will be launched soon by the 90 Day App Challenge and the creators of Motivistr.com.

The key elements

Motivistr.com focuses on these key elements:

  • motivation: motivation theory, types and tips
  • goal setting: motivation is about moving toward a goal
  • social factors: our environment and the people around us influence motivation.
More about Motivistr.com

Motivistr.com draws together theory, research and practical knowledge. Plus, as support from others can be a motivating force we also focus on social networks. Motivistr.com is unique as our holistic, scientific approach covers all of these elements in relation to various goals in life wherever we can. For those that are scientifically minded we have included a research section that features new empirical results in relation to goals and motivation. We also create positive resources through creative partnerships, including the Motivistr goal setting app.

What we believe in and our aim

At Motivistr we believe in social good and we want the world to be a better place. With this in mind, Motivistr.com has been designed to help.Motivistr-1

Contact us

Feel free to email us here at Motivistr.com. We value your feedback and welcome your comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

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