90 day app challenge

The Motivistr goal setting app was developed through an app incubator. The incubator is called the 90 day app challenge. The
90 day app challenge was designed to help entrepreneurs and new app developers understand the market. It was also established to help app developers navigate the challenges app development and to become more successful in the world when it comes to apps.

The 90 Day App Challenge involved experts and app entrepreneurs coming together via webinars to develop 18 apps. The alliance involved daily mentorship and partnership. It was characterized by a collaborative atmosphere. Tools that are essential to app development were included in the program. Social networks and processes were used to help deliver the project. The intensive development program is currently ongoing.

The 90 day app challenge called for applications from anyone around the world who was interested in developing an app within the ninety-day program. The program initiators and leads, Amish Shah and James Sol Radina from San Diego. Following formal applications, interviews were held and app entrepreneurs were selected.

Individuals and partner teams (including mother and son partner teams) from all over the world joined the program. Members include people from Australia, the US, the UK and The Netherlands. Some of the apps about to be launched via Season I include: Celebrity Who Am I?, Stick Fighter, Peruse, Bosh! What’s The Story, Jiffy List, Race USA and Dance Superstar.

Motivistr.com is proud to be associated with all of the apps that are being developed through this alliance. This incubator is an example of a group of individuals who came together to achieve their goals. The group continues to be motivated to achieve great things. This includes the Motivistr goal setting app.