Master your to-do list

Be the master of your to-do list

We all know the feeling… a to-do list as long as your arm… that controls you rather than being a useful guide to getting things done. It creates a situation that’s nothing short of stressful and counterproductive to you achieving your goals. Check out this very useful post from Jiffylist on how to be the master of your to-do list, rather than becoming a slave to it!

How to conquer your daily list… be the master not the slave

Jiffylist is one of the amazing apps being developed within the 90 Day App Challenge, the incubator that the Motivistr goal setting app is part of… we can’t wait to see Jiffylist in action. This app is launching soon and is going to really take dealing with to-do lists to a whole new level of sophistication.

Image: robstephaustralia

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